Working experiences

Caritas, LivornoLast summer, taking advantage of the school brake, I decided to put into practice my desire to help others. I looked around, searching for opportunities, and I decided to join Caritas (an organization for charity promotion) as a volunteer. This experience really have changed me and made me realize that we do not fully appreciate things we have. In the beginning I was shocked by all the things I was seeing and listening to, but then I realized that being shocked was not helping anyone and I simply started to work as hard as I could. I worked in the offices, as an archivist, I spent some time at the Listening Centre, in the cloakroom, in the kitchen, and serving meals. I was, and I am, very motivated, even if I know that I am not going to make any effective difference, because no one does on hit own.

Poster: Bring & Share dayIn September, I had the great chance to join the Leonardo’s Project in London. It was an amazing  experience and it gave me the opportunity to work for a no-profit organisation, for a period of three weeks. Indeed I worked for Olmec, a company that supports people who live in benefit. Its aim is to race equality through economic and social justice; giving to everyone the same opportunities. There, besides the accountancy and statistic work, I organized of some of the events, and I joined several of them for people in benefit. I had fun and I was very fulfill because I knew I was doing something helpful.
The following poster was for an event I helped organizing in the Bolney Medow Community Centre. Indeed I did leafleting for it, I contacted suppliers and I went buying games for kids. I also attended this “bring and share day”, spending time with the community children, helping them doing their arts and craft and doing face-painting.
Please have a look at the event video: